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Red Queen – Available for Adoption!

I’ve been here ten whole months now and still, every time I’m out running around, someone is like, “oh my gosh WHO is that ADORABLE little round gray and white cat? I’ve never noticed her before!” Those in the know are like, “No tail? Big eyes? That’s Red Queen!” Yep- that’s me! Why do people not notice me? A few reasons. One is that, since I prefer not to be around other cats, I’m not out running around during the day with the whole group. And my house… well, it’s cozy, but it’s not exactly inviting. The other is the sign on my door. You would think it should say “This is Red Queen, she’s hilarious and she loves to play,” or “This is Red Queen, she’s super-outgoing and will run right up to anybody to greet them,” or “…She’s a zoomie champion!” or “…She loves ear scratches,” or “…She’s the kind of cat who will really blossom outside a shelter environment,” or “… She wants to wrestle with humans like they’re other cats.” It just says, “Go slow with her. Don’t touch her back or tail.” I mean, that’s true- cats with no tails (like me!) sometimes have sensitive booties and I think it’s pretty reasonable to not like being touched in ways that might hurt or feel weird. But… it isn’t always the greatest first impression and most people never get past that sign. So they never get to know what a goofball and a cutie pie I am. When they see me out of my house, they’re surprised! More than that, they’re absolutely, completely charmed. I mean, how could you not be? Turns out, all I really need is a fair chance!  I’m almost three years old (my birthday is in two weeks!),  I’m spayed, up to date on shots and fully vetted. To adopt me, go to