Open Door Animal Sanctuary

    Feline Preliminary Adoption Form

    This questionnaire must be filled out by all persons interested in adopting a pet from our shelter. The information you provide will not be given to any other organization. It is our job to find permanent, responsible homes for as many of our animals as possible and at the same time to find the right pet for you. To do this, we need specific information from you. Thank you for visiting the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

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    1. I live in a
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    2. I OwnRentLive on CampusLive with Parent/Relative

    If you live with a parent/relative, are they aware you are here?

    If you are renting your home, what is the name of your landlord? If you are living in a mobile home park, what is the name of it?


    3. How many times have you moved in the last 3 years?

    Did your animals move with you?

    4. Number of children at home

    Children's Ages

    Have they been around animals before?

    5. Do your children understand the responsibilities of caring for an animal?

    6. For what purpose are you adopting an animal?
    CompanionshipAs a GiftBarn Cat/MouserFor Children/Grandchildren to Play With

    If you want a pet to give as a gift, who are you giving it to?

    7. Please list the breeds and ages of all pets in your household

    8. Do they live

    How many of these animals are spayed or neutered?

    Are they current on vaccinations?

    Name of Your Veterinian

    9. Have you adopted animals from a shelter?

    If yes, from where?

    10. Please list all animals you have owned in the last 5 years

    Where are these animals now?
    Gave AwayLostReturned to AgencyStill HaveDied

    Please explain

    11. Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter?

    Please explain

    12. How many hours of the day will the new animal be alone?

    Where will the animal be alone at?

    13. Where will this cat/kitten sleep?

    14.Does your home have a doggy door?

    Is anyone in the home allergic to cats?

    15. Percentage of time your new cat will be

    16. Do you plan on Declawing?

    If yes why?

    17. Will this be your child's first experience with a cat/kitten as a part of the family?

    18. What feline behavior are you UNWILLING to work with?

    19. Are you and your family willing to spend time socializing and training your adopted pet?

    20. What will happen to this pet if you experience a major life change (such as move, divorce, new baby, or allergic)?

    21. Do you understand that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment and are you willing to accept this responsibility?

    20. Where did you hear about ODAS?

    21. Would you like to join the ODAS mailing list to receive event invites and our quarterly newsletter?

    If yes, what is your preferred contact method?
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    Because of our concern for placing the appropriate animal in your home, we ask that you read & agree below:
    *A representative of the ODAS will visit my home prior to adopting to verify all information given on this application.
    *The decision of the ODAS personnel is final.
    *All adoptions must meet the criteria of the ODAS general adoption policies.
    *I have answered all questions of this application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.

    I agree

    We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.