We’re Hiring in the Kennels!

🐶✨We’re hiring in the kennels! ✨🐶
Just think. Tomorrow, you’ll be going to your regular boring ol’ job in an office or a restaurant or a spaceship or a secret government laboratory or whatever it is you do. It doesn’t have to be that way.
You. Yes you. You could be working with DOGS! Like, seventy of them. Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs, young dogs, easy dogs and challenging dogs. You could come home covered in slobber and hair and probably at least a little bit of poop. You could get so many steps in every day that your fitbit starts to glow. You could go home at night knowing you’ve been instrumental in saving lives, bringing people and animals together, and working miracles.  Sound good? Apply. Do it now. You know you want to.
We’re hiring for full- or part- time. Hours are 8 AM-4 PM. The dogs are terribly inconsiderate and don’t take days off from needing to be fed and cared for, so some weekend and holiday availability is required. Must be over 18 and able to handle big dogs.  You can start with this application: https://form.jotform.com/230735638630154 or just show up in the office and we’ll give you a paper one.