Una – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Una and… I’m a very social girl, right? Love people, other cats… pretty much everyone. So I figured I ought to put myself out there and maybe join some clubs or organizations.  I started with the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee because I’m, like, teeny-tiny. But they wouldn’t let me join! They said it’s usually for baby kittens and, at a year old, I’m just a petite grown-up.  Oh well. Book club? That seems like a good fit. I’m the kind of cat who will come looking for attention, so I bet I’d love some books to flop down on just when someone reaches one of the good parts. I bet I could get some great tips from the other cats on sticking my head right in between the human’s book and their face.  I could get into cosplay, maybe. Don’t tell the other cats, but I’m actually pretty okay with being dressed up. I’ll even wear hats! Or ballroom dancing. I don’t mind being picked up, so I could totally do some of the lifts.
Maybe I don’t need an organized social life. Maybe what I really need is a family of my own- or, at least, a few cool roommates who become my found family. You seem pretty great- wanna move in together?