Tilly – Ready for Adoption!

I mean, yeah, you COULD just go for a regular cat.  Orrrrrr- hear me out- you could go for an absurd black-and-white frog-gremlin with a big white lady beard and a nekkid rear end!  My name is Tilly. I’m adorable. I’m super fat. I’m five years old. I’m usually quite floofy, but I was matted when I came in, so I’m mostly shaved right now.  It’s not all about my looks, though… magnificent though they may be. My personality? Ridiculous. Adorable. Irresistible. I LOVE to play with string toys, I purr like a freight train, I’m totally sweet and gentle, and I even like being picked up and held. I’ve been taking my time getting used to things in the shelter and haven’t felt ready to come out of my apartment yet, so I haven’t had a whole lot of interaction with the other shelter cats. In my previous home, I did live with other cats and got along well with them. I haven’t met dogs, but I bet I could get used to them.  Some people say I’m kinda shy, but it’s more like I’m just not one of the popular kids. Like, I don’t really wanna be a cheerleader or the class president, but I still have plenty of friends in the Mathletes and the ceramics club and that’s the way I like it! I’m still plenty friendly, especially when I’m in my element.  So if you want a sweet, entertaining, and over-the-top cute cat, come see me!