Stud Muffin Adoptable Cat

Stud Muffin – Ready for Adoption!

There’s one main thing you need to know about me: I’m a romantic.  My name is Stud Muffin. Yeah… I know. I’m not that attached to it. It makes me sound like a cocky bro with a lot of swagger and that’s not really me. I’m definitely more Lord Byron than David Hasselhoff.  First, I want to take some time to get to know you. I’m all about true love, not just infatuation, and sometimes that starts slowly. But once I’m in, I’m ALL in.  In fact, if there’s one real problem people have with me, it’s that I’m TOO affectionate. All I really want to do is climb into someone’s arms and make out with them. Enthusiastically. So enthusiastically that I start to drool all over the place. No, really. It’s kind of embarrassing.
Part of the reason I drool may have to do with a slight tongue deformity. It doesn’t affect my ability to eat or drink or meow or give kisses or anything! It just looks a little funny. But mostly? It’s just something cats do when they’re happy! And I’m a very happy boy. I love humans and DEFINITELY love dogs. Cats? Well… I’m kind of selective. My happiest situation would be one with no other cats, but I could probably live with one or two chill ones who respect my space.
Can I be frank? I’m looking for something serious here. I’m six years old and ready to settle down. What I want is to meet someone who will make me a part of their family for the rest of my life, not a temporary fling. No worries- I promise I’ll keep the romance alive!  I’m about six years old, and I’m neutered, up to date on shots, and fully vetted. To start the process go to