adoptable dog

Stella – Ready for Adoption!

Hey, can you come out and play? My name is Stella. What’s yours?  I’m looking for a best friend. Someone kind and sweet, just like me. Maybe someone who has a dog! I love dogs! Someone who just… loves spending time together, I guess. You seem pretty great so far. I can really see us being friends forever.
Hey, do you need to get home before the streetlights go on? That’s cool. I promise I’ll get you there. I’m almost a year old, you know- 11 months! So I’ll take care of you. I haven’t got a home to go back to. Not yet, at least!  It kinda stinks- nobody to cuddle with at night, you know? But I get to run around in the yards and meet lots of people and I like that. Oh, and my hair has grown back! When I came in, I had lost most of my hair because I’m allergic to fleas. It’s no big deal- it just means I have to stay on a decent flea preventative. Every dog should, but it’s especially important for me.  Do you go to school? I wish I could. I’m really smart. They said I might be part “hurting dog” and I said that’s silly- I’ve never hurt anyone in my life. But apparently, they meant a “herding dog”- one who sometimes works on farms and thrives with exercise and training. And that makes much more sense! I agree with that one. I’d love to have a family who takes me on adventures and teaches me stuff. I’m a little behind other dogs my age, training-wise, but I bet I’ll catch up quickly!
Oh, do you have to go so soon? I hope I’ll see you again! Come out to the shelter to see me sometime!