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Sprocket – Ready for Adoption!

Hey pal! Hey! Come on- don’t pass me by without stopping to talk.  That’s better. Hey, let’s start with the basics: My name is Sprocket, I’m two years old, and I’m looking for a home. How about you?  Oh… you HAVE a home? That’s… that’s cool. Good for you. I don’t suppose you have room in that home for, say, a strapping black-and-white feline?  I mean, yes- I’m unemployed and I can’t pay rent in a traditional way. But make no mistake: I still bring a LOT to the table.
For one thing, you’ll never be hurting for conversation with me around. I won’t just tell you all the news- you’ll get weather, sports, and maybe a feline interest story or two. We could chat for hours about whatever you like.
That’s not all I’ll help with- whatever you’re up to, I want to be involved. Cooking a meal? I’ll taste test. Building a bookshelf? I’m here for moral support. Zoom meeting? I’ll tell you what to say. Some cats are all “I need a quiet home! I’m so sensitive!” lol not me, bro. You’ve got guests? No. WE’VE got guests. I’ll make sure everyone is entertained, with no exceptions.  Well, okay- ONE exception. I’m not a big fan of other cats. Dogs and all people are cool with me, but cats… nah. I’m enough cat all on my own. So now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, I’ve got one more question: when can I move in?  I’m about two years old,  I’m neutered, up to date on shots and fully vetted.