Sharona – Ready for Adoption!

So, up in the the Heavenly Cat Factory, right? They must make lots of cats from all kinds of parts and, inevitably, there will be a few… spare parts. You with me?  So here’s what I think happened: one of the Angelic Feline Manufacturers decided to use up some of those scraps and make something a little more unusual! And- Voila! Me! Sharona!  My magnificence isn’t just on the outside, of course. I’m just as rich and interesting all the way through. I’m the kind of cat who jumps up to greet people when I see them. In fact, if you sit or bend down, I’ll sometimes put my paws up on your chest to ask to be picked up. I don’t care if I met you seventeen seconds ago. I just feel like you understand me and we’re best friends now, you know?  So, there is one thing I’m not so big on. You ever know someone who can just… wreck your good mood just by being around? For me, that’s all cats. I mean, I know I’m literally a cat myself, but… I’m not a cat person. That means two things for me: 1. Obviously, I would like a cat-free home. 2. Shelter life kinda stresses me out. Everything will be groovy and then some triangle-eared numpty comes along and ruffles my whiskers. It’s not always the best look when someone’s considering adopting me, but shouldn’t be a problem in my own new home, right?  So if you’d like a fabulous beard to brush, a best friend unlike any other, and a lot of personality in a little package, come check me out!