S’ghetti – Ready for Adoption!

🍝 Are you ready… for some S’GHETTI? Yes, that’s right- it’s just “S’ghetti,” not “Spaghetti.” I’m like one of those guys whose parents just name them “Drew” or “Chris” instead of “Andrew” or “Christopher” or whatever.  I mean, you can give me a new name if you want. L’sagne, T’tellini, M’caroni, Jim… In fact, I think it’s a great time for LOTS of things to be new! I only just turned a year old and, before I came to the shelter, I was abandoned. I had mange and needed surgery on my eye. I don’t even know my real birthday. Now that I’m all fixed up, I’m ready for my life to begin.  I’m an affectionate little guy (only about 45 lb) who just wants to be best buddies with everyone (dogs and humans. I haven’t met cats yet!) and live my life as someone’s precious baby. I’m learning some of the basics in the shelter, but I need you to help me reach my full potential.  So when are you coming out? Because I’ll consider THAT my birthday! The day you and I become a family will be the best day of my life. 🎉🐾