adoptable dog

Sadie – Ready for Adoption!

Hi there, I’m Sadie, and let’s address the elephant in the room (or should I say, the “pooch” in the room ) – yes, I’m on the heavier side. But beneath it all, I’m just a beagle-sized bundle of love. Plus, I rock a stylish gray muzzle at the grand age of ten!

Sure, my size might catch your eye, but there’s more to me. I’m a sweet, affectionate couch potato – perfect for those who prefer leisurely strolls over mountain climbs. I get along with dogs, cats and humans of all types, though I do best in calm and quiet settings.

My secret weapon? The CUTEST whisper-bark you’ve ever heard. I adore booty scratches and ear massages. What’s on my wish list? A cozy bed, and yes, a little diet wouldn’t hurt. I love myself no matter my size but I dream of wiggling, jumping and taking long walks. Being a lap dog without dominating the entire lap sounds like the dream!

Good news, I’m part of the seniors-4-seniors program, so if someone over 65 adopts me, my fee is just $1, and my vet care is covered for life. For the younger crowd, it’s the standard $150. Trust me, having me in your family is worth every penny!