Red & Spot – Ready for Adoption!

Hullo! We’re Red and Spot. I bet you can guess which one of us is which! But if you need some help, I’m Red- the red one. And Spot is the spotty one.
If you’re looking for a couple’a good boys, look no further! Spotty and I are some of the goodest. We’re super-friendly. I want to play games, while my brother is always looking for a cuddle. We’re seven (me- Red) and six (Spot) years old, we have great manners, and we’re obviously good with other dogs. No cats, though… I’m fine with them, but Spot here thinks they might be tasty.  We’re short and stocky fellows- both overweight (me especially), but we should ideally be around 45 lb each. We’re the perfect size for adventures AND for couch time!  I know we look like biological brothers, but we’re actually not! I came from Open Door when I was a youngster and Spot joined us somewhere along the way. When our person had a medical emergency and was unable to take care of us, we thought we’d be on our own… but luckily, they were able to track my microchip and find out that I was an Open Door dog! And, since I don’t go anywhere without my brother, that makes him an Open Door dog, too.