Please Help Beacon

This Give STL Day, your donation saves the lives of animals like Beacon.

It started with a phone call: a rural veterinary clinic called asking if we could take a dog who needed a wheelchair. They’d had one brought in after being found on the side of the road trying to drag himself out of the ditch. He was thin, wormy, and covered in ticks. One leg ended in an infected open wound and the other in a floppy partial paw.  When he arrived, he was a happy guy, full of life and undaunted by his injuries. We named him Beacon and set to getting him seen by a vet. It soon transpired that he had owners who were looking for him. They filled in some of the details of his life: as a young dog, he had roamed onto a neighbor’s property and been shot and then caught in barbed wire. X-rays also revealed that one leg and foot had been badly broken at some point in his life. His people loved him, but did not have the resources or ability to give him the care he needs, so they agreed to let us help him.
Beacon is happier and healthier by the day! He’s finishing up antibiotics for a bone infection and then will have parts of both rear legs amputated (plus a neuter). He runs like the wind in his wheelchair and loves to play and cuddle with stuffed toys. He still has a long road ahead and will always have extra care needs, but- as our executive director likes to say, “That’s what we’re here for.”

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