Pinto Bean – Ready for Adoption!

I’ve heard about dogs who live in homes. How they can lie belly-up in a sunbeam or cuddle up next to their human on the couch, and just… sleep. Without a care in the world. No fear, no pain, and no sadness. Just love.  My name is Pinto Bean and I’ve never gotten to experience that. I went from living in very poor conditions to living in the shelter. I needed some time to heal, so I’ve been here a while. I’m almost six months old and not very large- only about 15-20 lb right now. I’ll get bigger, of course, but probably not huge.  I do have joys in my life. I like hanging out with other dogs. I love stuffed animals and treats and hanging out with people I know well. I REALLY want to be friends with new people, but I’m scared. I’ve never had a family before. So I need someone kind and patient to help me navigate this all.  It may start with a slow tail wag. With a cautious sniff. With gently taking a treat from your hand. But then I’ll get a little closer. My tail will get a little higher. And before you know it, I’ll be greeting you with full-body wiggles. Everything I’ve been through will be a distant memory. I’ll finally feel safe.  Do you think it could be true? Will someone adopt me and give me that kind of life? Belly rubs, swimming pools, stuffed toys, and walks? I’m such a sweet and gentle girl. I know I deserve it.