Peekaboo – Ready for Adoption!

Lately, I’ve been considering running off to join the circus. Can’t you just picture it? “Come one, come all, to see THE AMAZING PEEKABOO!”
I mean, to begin with, I could be a bearded lady! I’m proud of my adorable beard and would love the chance to show it off.  I’m five months old, which is a great time to join the circus, don’t you think? It means I can learn ALL kinds of incredible new skills before I’m grown! Also, I’ve been here in the shelter for two months waiting for a family to choose me, so… maybe it’s time to start considering alternatives to my original life plan.  I could do all kinds of wonderful things. I’m silly and entertaining, so I could be a (non-scary) clown. I’m smart, so I could do some great tricks! I’m fine in a crowd and make friends easily. I love people and other dogs, so I’d be great in a performing troupe! The one thing I would NOT be cut out for… is working with the lions and tigers. I’m not great with cats.  It does sound like fun, but… it’s not my real dream. Honestly, I think I can have just as much fun and more just being part of a family! I can still be entertaining, I can still rock my glorious beard, and I can still make a whole lot of new friends. Do you think you can help me make it happen?