Panda – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Panda and this is a matter of urgency.  My life depends on it. It depends on you.  I’m five years old, outgoing, affectionate, and very personable. And I need a foster home, adoptive home, or foster-to-adopt home.  The thing is, I’m deteriorating fast in the shelter. I need a home where I can be the only pet. Being around other animals is very distressing for me. There are 58 cats in my section. This is an animal shelter, so every available space is filled up with other animals.  That means I have to stay in my cage all the time. And I’m losing my mind. I can’t live in a cage much longer.  I have lots of human friends here and I love seeing them. They all agree that I’m the sweetest boy and I could be someone’s best friend and soulmate. I just want to be around people and be loved. I know there’s a human out there who needs the same.  So please, help me get out of here. It doesn’t even have to be permanent- just a happier, more comfortable place to stay while the staff at the shelter keeps trying to find me a permanent home. It will be easier for me to show my real personality in that kind of setting, which will make it easier for someone to choose me!  If you’re interested in fostering me, please contact Amanda at If you’d like to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please go to and fill out an application. You could be the one to change my world. I need you.