adoptable cat

Otter Pop – Ready for Adoption!

It’s hot out there! You know what I think you need? an Otter Pop! And do you know what the best kind of is? No, not the blue ones- although that is a solid choice. The kind with two ears, four legs, and a stubby little tail. Like me!
My name is Otter Pop and I’m the answer to all your summer woes. Too many mosquitos outside? I’m an inside cat! Stay in with me! Sick and tired of having your kids up in your business all the time? Give them a cat to play with! Craving pumpkin spice and sweater weather? I mean, just look at me- what could fit an autumnal aesthetic better than these fetching copper eyebrows?
I’m an all-season cat. My cuddles will keep you warm in the winter. My outgoing personality will be perfect for garden parties in the spring- all your guests will love me! When it’s too hot out, don’t worry- I’m super chill. And when spooky season arrives, well… there’s nothing spooky about me, so I’ll be a friendly face for the little ones.
I’m only two years old, so I’ve got plenty more seasons ahead of me. And, with you, I’m sure they’ll be better than the ones behind me! I came to the shelter with a tail injury (that’s why I don’t have a tail anymore) and have only been here long enough to get that taken care of and get settled in a little, so I haven’t had the chance to really interact with other cats or dogs and see what I think of them.
So let’s spend the rest of the summer together. And the fall. And 525,600 minutes a year for the rest of our lives. What do you say?