Noodle – Ready for Adoption!

If there’s one thing I need you to know about me, it’s this: I’m not hopeless. My name is Noodle. I’m just a year old. When I came to the shelter, I was mangy, swollen, and scared. Now, I’m healthy… but still scared. This can be my “before” photo. In a year or so, when I’ve been with you a while, you can compare it to other photos: me, sprawled on the sofa. Me, begging for chin scratches. Me, soaking up the sunshine. Me, with sparkle in my eyes at last.
Can you blame me for being scared? Living in a kennel is overwhelming for a sensitive soul like me. Imagine if your home were open to the public every day and there were a gazillion people around all the time. It would be tough, wouldn’t it? So maybe I’m not always ready to jump into a stranger’s arms and lick their face. It doesn’t mean I’m not lovable. It just means I need that love even more. And remember… we won’t be strangers forever. I’m good with other dogs and haven’t had the chance to meet cats. I am a sweet, gentle boy who just needs a quiet (or at least quietER) place where I can decompress and be loved. I just know that, with some time and patience, I’m finally going to blossom.