Mrs. Tabbykin – Ready for Adoption

Now, class… settle down. I’ll wait. My name is Mrs. Tabbykin and I’m here to inspire young minds.  You might be thinking I’m awfully young to be both a working teacher and a married woman. At seven months old, I’m still just a kid, right? Also, can cats even legally get marriage or teaching licenses?
Okay, so you’re onto me… but don’t tell anyone else! No, I’m not married… or a licensed teacher. But as long as nobody finds out, we can play all day. That was my goal when I snuck into that elementary school a few weeks ago. To find someone to play with me.  In fact, I was REALLY hoping someone would take me home for a play date!  See, I’m pretty fantastic at making friends. I’m very outgoing and cuddly. I like being picked up and being in your lap. I love other cats and I think dogs are cool and am interested in getting to know more about them. I’m just a little floofy and extremely soft. I sometimes play a little bit rough, so I do need reminders that “hands are not toys” and need someone for whom it isn’t the end of the world if they get an occasional “love chomp” while I’m learning. But I don’t mean any harm, I promise!  I may not actually be suited to a human school, but I do love to learn and explore. whatever you’re doing, I want to see and help! In fact, if you work from home, you should probably make sure your workspace has a door that closes.
The whole “sneaking into a school” thing didn’t quite work out as anticipated, but I stand by it. I mean, it got me to where I need to be in order to meet you, right? But, as the fake teacher, I declare… school’s out! Come get me and let’s party!