Mr. Marble – Ready for Adoption!

You know what every home needs? A little bowlegged nekkid guy running around at ankle-height. You didn’t know you needed that, right? But now you do.
Luckily, you’ve got me. Mr. Marble, at your service. Okay, I’ll be honest- I’m really only mostly nekkid. I came in smooth as a baby’s bottom except for a fabulous mohawk down my back and now I’m covered in a fine layer of peach fuzz.  So yeah, obviously I’m kinda a hot mess of a dog. I’m not for the snobs who only want the perfect little ready-made frufru teddy bear. I’m for someone who loves me the way I am now and is ready to help me toward my glow-up. I’m like nine years old and have had a rough life up til now. After my owner passed away, I was locked in a shed for several days before being rescued. I survived, but one of the other dogs in the home wasn’t so lucky.  So it’s only right that my “chapter two” should be a happy one, right? I deserve it. I’m a sweet little guy, good with other animals, and very loving with my people. I’m a little more aloof with strangers, but it doesn’t take me long to make friends. I love running around in the yard and having my chin scratched. And I’m cute as heck. Let’s not forget that.  I do take medication, of course- I’m not naturally nekkid. It’s due to a thyroid issue and just got worse with neglect. I’ll have to take (inexpensive) pills for that for the rest of my life. My hair is starting to grow back, but it may never be Thor-level luxurious. Oh well- I think I’m pretty lovable the way I am!