adoptable cat

Moblin – Ready for Adoption!

I go by the name Moblin, and I’ve got a unique perspective on life that I’d like to share with you. You see, I believe that describing a cat with just one word or phrase is like trying to capture a rainbow with a single color. Cats, like me, are multi-faceted creatures, each with their own unique qualities. You might look at me and think, “Oh, she’s so tiny, she must be a kitten!” Well, think again! While it’s true that I only weigh five pounds, I’m a full-grown cat at one year old. I enjoy defying expectations every day.

When you visit me, you never quite know which version of Moblin you’ll encounter. Will it be the goofy side of me, ready to make you laugh? Or perhaps the snuggly, affectionate side, seeking comfort in your company? Maybe I’ll be in the mood for playtime, or maybe I’ll be a bit shy around new toys. Sometimes, I’ll confidently approach you, and other times, I might surprise you with a sudden burst of energy. It all depends on my mood at the moment.

Mostly, it’s because there’s so much happening around here that I can get a little overstimulated. However, when I have the chance to spend quality time with someone, like the wonderful caregivers who look after me, I tend to lean toward being a “snuggler” with a healthy dose of “goofball” antics. I absolutely love being held like a baby or carried around like a little ragdoll. So, after considering life from various angles, I’ve reached a conclusion: I believe you should choose me as your feline companion. I get along well with other cats, I’m undeniably cute and I’m brimming with surprises and fun moments. I’m ready to bring joy and excitement into your life!