Michael – Ready for Adoption!

You don’t just need a cat. You need an angel. And you know what? Gabriel’s not the only angel who can bring good news at Christmastime. My name is Michael. And I have good news.  See, your cat search is over. And maybe it’s not ending how you expected, exactly. Maybe you were set on a ✨Christmas kitten✨ and the idea of adopting a 10-year-old cat has never even crossed your mind. But consider it. Why not?  But once you meet me… and, more importantly, hold me in your arms, you’ll know. There’s no need to look any further. I’ll just melt into you. Both you and I will just want to stay that way forever.  I’m a messenger of peace. But more than that- I bring my own and spread it wherever I go. I love all my brothers and sisters, both human and feline. I have a lovely placid demeanor: napping, cuddling, and relaxing in a cat tree are my favorite activities.  At the shelter, I sometimes like to find a quiet place away from the pandemonium of the cat room. That means you may have to come and find me, but I will be so happy if you do. Give me a scratch and I’ll bury my head in your hand.  So perhaps you’ll find your angel in me. A little senior cat looking for a home. But more than that… I also need an angel. And I think I may find one in you.