Luna & Kong – Need Your Help

Luna and Kong’s rescue narrative isn’t a dramatic saga filled with action or graphic images. It’s a tale of quiet neglect, about picking up the pieces from someone who likely didn’t intend harm to their animals but couldn’t or wouldn’t provide basic care.

Both Luna and Kong came to us as owner surrenders in a small animal control facility in rural Missouri. Luna had just weaned puppies, which her owner had rehomed, while Kong, at only a year old, was severely affected by heartworms. They were undernourished and had painful fly bites on their ears.

Understanding the challenges faced by rural animal controls, we couldn’t turn away from their plea for help. As we got to know Luna and Kong, we discovered their resilience and pride. They refuse to be defined by their past hardships.

Their current photos show two dogs with beaming smiles, not focusing on their wounds or protruding spines. Kong is a goofy, loving, and energetic companion, while Luna is cuddly, dignified, and eager to please.

The road to recovery is long; Kong will undergo a challenging heartworm treatment, and both need to regain a healthy weight before spaying/neutering. But we’re confident that, once ready, they’ll embark on amazing journeys in loving forever homes! Your donations today, will help us with the cost of their care.  We appreciate your unwavering support. To make a donation of any size, go to donate.