adoptable dog

Louise – Ready for Adoption!

Get ready to party with Louise, the ultimate fun-loving pup! 🐾 This six-month-old bundle of energy brings joy wherever she goes. Whether it’s a cozy home, a spacious yard, or even a car ride, Louise turns any space into a celebration. 🎉 She is all about friends, toys, and cookies. 🐾 Louise gets along great with other dogs and adores humans of all kinds. Although she may need some guidance on social skills (apparently, not everything is a chew toy!), her enthusiasm and affection make her an instant friend to everyone she meets. 🐾 As for her breed, it’s a delightful mystery! We suspect she has a mix of husky, cattle dog, and perhaps a splash of jackrabbit and baby shark (she loves the water!). 🐾 Although we can’t provide a DNA test, what we do know is that Louise requires exercise, training, and lots of attention to keep up with her party-loving spirit. So, whether you’re ready to party at her place or bring the festivities home, Louise guarantees an unforgettable time together. 🐾 Louise is spayed, fully vetted and a ball of fun! Don’t miss out on this party-perfect pup!