adoptable dog

King – Ready for Adoption!

Salutations! My name is King – Certified Beefy Gent, Scratchable Cheek Owner since twenty-oh-twenty, and Valedictorian of Whoozagoodboy Academy. Let’s cut to the chase. I happen to be in the market for a brand new home and family of my own! I’ve got a lot to offer: I’m housebroken, able to behave myself when left alone, good with other dogs and cats, and I’m an excellent bed warmer. I’m a gentleman and a scholar- I’ve got some training under my belt and have the potential to learn even more.  I’m three years old- a notch or two above “couch potato,” energy-wise. Whether you’d rather spend the day on the hiking trails or binge-watching Boy Meets World and eating pizza rolls, I’m game… as long as, overall, we get a good balance of both.  So if you’re looking for a stellar candidate for your New Family Dog/Best Friend, consider me! I’ll be right here waiting!