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Karie – Ready for Adoption!

Karie’s Shelter diary, Day 400.
Dear Diary,
That’s right- today is my 400th day in the shelter. Should I celebrate? Cry? I don’t really know. I’ve been in my section longer than almost anyone else here.  I’ve seen plenty of cats come and go, but I’ve always been passed by. I understand- I’m a 3-year-old shy black cat. I don’t stand out and, if I don’t often walk up to greet people, I’m not likely to get noticed, much less chosen. But I do wish people understood what they’re missing.  Because I am worth getting to know. It’s true that I don’t necessarily perform well for strangers, but when I do find someone, we’d only spend a short while being strangers. After that, we can spend the rest of our lives being a family.  And then, they could see that, when I’m comfortable, I’m very affectionate! I love to play, love to find just the right comfy places to sleep, and I’ve got a lot of personality. I’m good with all other cats, but… I’m a little bit boy crazy. I especially love cuddling and grooming male cats.
It’s tough to really be comfortable here. I don’t think I’ll really be able to blossom until I get the chance to see what life is like in a home. I’ve come a very long way, though, so who knows? Maybe there’s hope for me yet!  So here’s to 400 days in the shelter. The second-longest resident of Pampurred Palace. And here’s to my family, wherever they are- 400 days will be nothing compared to the time I’ll get to spend with them! And maybe, before long, I’ll be able to walk up to the person I’ll grow to love more than anyone else in the world and say, It’s nice to meet you.