adoptable cat

Jake – Ready for Adoption!

Hey… do you know where my siblings went? If you find them, could you tell them Jake was looking for them? That’s me- Jake! The humans tell me they went to “home.” I don’t know what that means- I’m only four months old, after all. But they tell me that if I get chosen, I’ll get to go to a home of my own!  I hope I do. Perhaps with a brand new cat brother or sister? I love to wrestle and snuggle with other cats and would be so happy if I could have a playmate. I even like dogs! A sibling of any species would be fine!  I’m a little bit on the cautious side at first, so I don’t always march right up to every stranger. That’s okay- I’ll get there! And I do like being held (when I’m not busy playing) and I’ll DEFINITELY come to you if you have a toy or treat to offer me.  The humans say it will happen to me soon. I might not be the first one chosen, but I WILL get chosen. Maybe even by you!