Inky – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Inky and I think you and I together would make a beautiful work of art.  I’m a bit of a shy girl in the shelter. Beautiful at first glance, but it may take a little time and study to truly appreciate the brushstrokes that make me something special. There are stories in these swirls.  I’m sweet and quiet. Good with other cats. Front declawed. Six years old. Interested in toys, but not comfortable enough in the shelter to play. I may not stand out from the crowd, but maybe I’m like the Mona Lisa: enigmatic. Captivating. And priceless.  I may need some patience and some time and a little bit of faith. But so what if it’s not all straight lines? It’s the curves and loops and ups and downs that make things interesting, after all. I’m on my guard in the shelter, not entirely able to show my full brilliance. That’s why I need someone who is able to look at a canvas and see the potential masterpiece.  So come and get me. Together, we’ll make something unforgettable.