Harmony – Ready for Adoption!

I think life is a songs that isn’t meant to be sung solo. On your own, you’ve got a melody, but it’s incomplete. That is… until you add someone else. Harmony. That’s where the real magic happens.  You see where I’m going with this, right? My name is Harmony. And if you feel like something is just missing from your life, just imagine the music you and I could make together!  I’ll bring you so much joy, my friend. I’ve got a sunny disposition and a big heart. I love to play (is that a ball?!) and snuggle. I’m great with other dogs and I LOVE cookies.  I’m only about a year and a half old and I came from a breeding/hoarding situation (I’m supposed to be a purebred lab!), so I’m still learning and I still need guidance and training. I’m basically a big puppy! Well… a medium puppy. About 45 lb.  I can be a little timid in new situations and around new people. Have you ever thought about how many things can be scary if you’ve never encountered them before? So I’ll need some patience while I learn to navigate the trickier parts of the world, like car rides and fireworks.  With you, I’ll no longer be one lonely voice- we’ll be our own little symphony, making the world a little more beautiful together.