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Harley – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Harley and I’m ready to have the BEST. SUMMER. EVER!  You might not think I look like a summer girl and… well… yes and no. I mean, obviously, I’m a husky. We’re snow dogs. But THIS summer is different. Because this is the summer I’m going to find my FOREVER HOME! I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures I’ll have! The holidays I’ll celebrate! I’m 8 years old, but I’ve still got plenty of wonderful things ahead.  I’m an excellent dog- great house manners, friendly with strangers (I’m not really sure about little eye-level kids, but bigger kids and adults are all cool with me!), super-affectionate and cuddly… just everything you’d want in a best friend.  I haven’t made any animal friends since I’ve been in the shelter, but I came from a home with another dog and a cat, so… I’m not ruling it out entirely. I’d be great solo, though- just my human and me. Or my humans and me. I’d be perfect for someone who wants a dog who isn’t too young, too little, or too out-of-control wild. I mean, I am a husky, so I’ve still got brains and energy and the capacity for stubbornness. But I’m an adult. What have you got planned for the summer? If it’s “make a new best friend,” I think I may have you covered! Just come out and meet me.  I’m eight years old, I’m spayed, up to date on shots and fully vetted.