adoptable cat

Haribo – Ready for Adoption!

Picture this: you’re at Build-A-Cat Workshop, looking at all the options! You want something cute, a little offbeat, but “natural.” You’re not into those neon-rainbow abominations with the creepy giant eyeballs. No, you’d rather have a soft classic kitty… but with a twist.  Maybe a boy with bold caramel-mocha swirls along the sides? A little chocolate chip nose? Or maybe… no tail? You want an adult, of course, but still young- about two years old? And, best of all, a cuddly, outgoing personality. Voila!  A little bit of pixie dust and you’ve got… me! My name is Haribo and I’m cute to the CORE. I love attention, have never met a stranger, and I’ll play politely with a toy if one’s available but am not an exhausting wild child. Just try to resist these charms!  I’m looking for a home. I could be yours for life!  I’d like a home where I can be the only cat. I haven’t encountered dogs yet, so I’m not sure what I would think of them, but cats… no thanks. That’s pretty much my only stipulation, though! Apart from that, I’d be perfect pretty much anywhere.  So come check me out – I don’t need a “build a home workshop” setup. I already know you’re the perfect family for me!