Gustav – Ready for Adoption!

So, I just turned four months old and nobody even asked me what I want for my birthday! Can you believe that?! I want a big giant cookie with my name on it! My name is Gustav, by the way, but my foster mom usually calls me Gus. And my friends call me “Chicken Wing.” They’re kinda weird.
Wanna be friends? I’m a super sweet, cuddly, outgoing little guy who loves to play with other dogs, has lived with and been good with cats, and REALLY loves being held. I’m growing fast, so I might not be able to be carried around for a whole lot longer, but I still want to curl up and sleep in your lap or on your shoulder.  Oh, about that- I don’t know what breed of dog I am! I was found on the side of the road with my brothers, who all look different from me. I also don’t know for sure what size I’ll be when I grow up, except that I’m currently 16 lb (smallest of my litter) and will likely grow up to be medium-to-large.  What I can say for sure is that I’m cute as can be! I do a little happy dance when I eat. I’ll kiss you on the nose when you pick me up. I may or may not grow into these ears (I kinda hope not). I’m curious about everything. I’m making progress on potty training, but still need some work!
So they tell me that puppies don’t normally get birthday parties every single month, but I hope I still might get to make a wish: I wish for a family! I wish for you to take me home and love me for the rest of my life, just as I’ll love you.