Grace – Ready for Adoption

Sometimes, life doesn’t go quite the way you planned. My name is Grace and, at ten years old, I’m starting over!  It’s not gonna be easy, but I’m ready for the challenge. I’ve already made lots of friends at the shelter: humans (my favorite), other cats, and even dogs!  I’m very affectionate, very personable, and LOVE attention. Scratch my cheeks and I’ll leeeeean in and close my eyes. And if you chat with me, I’ll meow back- I’m a bubbly girl, always ready for a conversation.  In spite of my brilliant colors (my whole back is a vibrant copper- much oranger than most torties) and my cute little polydactyl feet, you may not even notice me when you come to visit. That’s because I’m still taking it all in. I tend to look for a quiet spot and just watch the world go by until someone comes up to talk to me, then I just light up!  I suppose for some cats, a new life can begin at 10! I would love to just be someone’s sweet companion, treated like a queen for the rest of my days. To help make that possible, I’m eligible for the Seniors-4-Seniors program. So if someone over 65 were to adopt me, my adoption fee would be $1 and my routine vet care would be covered at the shelter for the rest of my life. For anyone under 65, the adoption fee would be the normal $75 (which is still peanuts for the love of your life).