Gidget – Ready for Adoption!

Have you ever watched the show Wishbone? About the little dog with the BIG imagination? Well, I think the sequel should be called “Gidget” and should star… me!  It would be entertaining, to be sure! Although it probably wouldn’t have much to do with classic literature. Let’s be real: I do NOT have the attention span for “Ivanhoe” or “A Tale of Two Cities.” I may be just a little thing (about ten pounds), but I’ve got a LOT of energy!  It would have to be a kids’ show, obviously. I love kids and think it would be awesome if my new home had some kids who wanted to play with me. But what could I teach them? Maybe a workout show- “Zoomies with Gidget!” where we could all race around the yard like maniacs ’til we drop.  Or a show about how to make friends! I recommend showering someone with kisses and tilting your head when they talk to you. That seems to work for me. In fact, I’ve made friends with people, cats, and other dogs of all sorts!  I’m still a kid myself, really- only about 7 months old! So I still have a lot to learn (do they make Sesame Street for puppies?). Like, the one big thing I haven’t been able to get the hang of is housebreaking. I’m hoping a change of scenery and routine will help, but I’ll definitely need some extra training!  I don’t need to star in a kids’ show to be a part of your life, though. And really, all I want is a family!  My name is Gidget, I’m seven months old, and I’m spayed, up to date on shots, and fully vetted.