Gabby – Ready for Adoption!

Wanted: A Best Friend Forever.  Or… actually, a team of them! I need a dog bestie for sure. Someone I can play and snuggle with. And at least one grown-up human, of course! Maybe a kid or two or three would be good. Possibly a cat? I haven’t met cats yet, but it could be arranged if one wanted to join my team. We could be like The Avengers: a great team of loyal friends, stronger because we’re all so different!  I’m Gabby, the fun-loving optimist of the team. My superpower is wagging my tail so fast it creates a windstorm! Or, well… I’ve only got half a tail, so maybe just a light breeze.  I’m a year and a half old, which, for a lab (or an allegedly-all-lab, at least) is really still a puppy. And, since I came from a hoarding/”breeding” situation, I’m going to need some training and an outlet for my energy! Having a dog friend to play with will help and getting to go on walks and get some exercise is a must. I do confess, when it comes to knowing what is and what isn’t an appropriate chew toy, I fall into the “room for improvement” category, but… practice makes perfect!
So what do you say? Do you want to be my best friend?