Flapjack’s Story

Imagine naming your dog “Sh*tball.” Imagine kicking him in the face and, when it’s obvious that his jaw and nose are broken, just going “well, he deserved it,” and leaving it. Imagine not even mentioning it when you drop him off at the shelter three months later, covered in his own waste, matted, and stinking. His teeth were completely rotten, he had ruptured anal glands, and it was very clear he had not been cared for in a long time.
He wasn’t loved. Clearly, he was barely tolerated. But as soon as Flapjack (yes, we gave him a new name!) came through the shelter doors, all that changed.
He’s got a bit of a silly haircut after getting rid of the mats. Our vets say there’s nothing we can do to repair the jaw at this point, so he gets his food mixed up into a soup so that he can eat it… which he does, enthusiastically! But he’s a whole new dog. Flapjack is now absolutely adored. Spoiled rotten in his foster home (and likely never leaving it!) and by the whole staff. He gets tucked in for naps and loves to be held.  When people ask, “how can you stand hearing stories like this?” the answer is simple. It’s because we can do something about it. We can’t change Flapjack’s past, but it’s up to us how he’s treated from now on. For the rest of his days, he’ll know what it is to be loved.  You can help give animals like Flapjack the chance to be loved by clicking the link below and making your Giving Tuesday gift. All donations up to $8,000 will be matched by our generous sponsors!  Click here to donate today!