FedEx – Ready for Adoption!

My name is FedEx and I’m a little dog with BIG opinions!  First of all, I think all dogs should have a home. a GOOD home where they’ll be cared for. For the rest of their lives, no matter what. And by “all dogs,” I especially mean me.  Second of all, I think that I, in particular, should be petted and petted for hours on end. I I sit there with my eyes half-closed and just soak it up. And if you stop, I’ll come up next to you and stick my head under your arm and climb up into your lap. I just want love and more love.  I think dogs are pretty cool. Especially dogs closer to my size. I’m about 15 lb with true terrier tenacity and have been known to engage in some trash talk with massive dogs… but only when there’s a fence in between us and I’m pretty sure I won’t have to back it up with action.  Oh, by the way, I think the best kinds of dogs are mystery mixes like me. I know you’re gonna be all, “omg she’s so cute what is her exact specific breed?” And the answer is, I have no idea. “Some kind of terrier mix” about sums it up. Also, I think that about a year old, which I am, is an awesome age to get adopted.  When it comes to humans, I am of the opinion that they should be human-shaped. Stuff like big hats or canes and walkers freak me out. Why do you have extra legs, human? It’s suspicious. Always wear a cowboy hat? What are you hiding?  Mostly, I think that you should come and meet me. It’s my opinion that anyone worth getting to know will be willing to have a little bit of patience and let a dog get comfortable with them, so I might not jump in your lap right away. Just to test you. But if you take the time to get to know me, pretty soon, we’ll be best pals!