Daphne – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Daphne, and yes- I know I’m tall. The weather up here is just fine, thanks! No, I’m not a supermodel. In fact, I’m kinda camera shy. I am a skinny, willowy girl, working on putting on some healthy weight.  And I don’t play basketball, but to be honest, that’s just because I haven’t ever really had the chance to try. I do love to play, especially with other dogs!  My dreams are the same as any shelter dog: to find a home of my own. I’m two years old, gentle, sweet, and friendly with everyone, so I’m going to make a perfect addition to almost any home. I’m great on the leash and generally polite, although I will jump up to greet people and put my paws on their shoulders!  Basically, I just really want a place where I can be safe, happy, and surrounded by friends. Your house would be perfect!