Crystal – Ready For Adoption!

Do you ever wish you could look into a crystal ball and see what life would hold for you? My name is Crystal and… here’s what I think I would see.
You and me, together. Going to the park. Sleeping on the couch. A happy life for both of us. Me, free from fear and loneliness at last. You, blessed with the love of a devoted companion.  I am kind of scared in the shelter. I’m hesitant when I meet someone new, but it doesn’t take long to win me over with some treats and some love. Pretty soon, I’ll be your best friend- showing you how well I sit, curling up in your lap for snuggles, and giving you my best smile! I’m only 33 lb- the perfect size for lap-sitting, really.  I’m a total sweetheart- just a year or so old. I’ve done well with other dogs when I’ve met them, although- just like with people- I’m scared at first and need a little time to get to know them. I haven’t met cats or children yet, but could be cat tested if need be.
When I’m with someone I trust, though, the world doesn’t seem so scary anymore. I love walks and giving kisses and I’ll do pretty much anything for some food.  I don’t need a crystal ball to know that our life together is going to be wonderful! I just need you to come and take me home.