adoptable cat

Crash – Ready for Adoption!

Hey there, America! 🐾

I’m Crash and I’m thrilled to throw my furry hat into the ring for the prestigious title of “Your Cat.” 🎩 With 8 years of purr-fect experience in the world of feline excellence, I’m paws-itively ready for the job.  In Kitty City, I’ve earned my stripes as the Official Door Greeter and Chief Morale Officer. 🏠🐱 My headbutt policy guarantees that every visitor leaves with a smile! 😽  My policies? Let’s talk about ’em! Homes for all, recreational catnip legalization (it’s the cat’s meow, right?), and spreading love regardless of fur color or toe count. 🏡🌿 Love knows no bounds and I’m all about equality. 🤝

I’m the ultimate team player, always getting along with fellow feline friends, so you can count on me for diplomatic relations. 🐈✌️Despite being a middle-aged, portly gent, I still have a wild side! 🎉 Weekends mean chasing string toys like a total lunatic and when it’s snuggle time, I’ve got eight regional championship titles to prove my expertise. 🏆🛋️

If you stand for love, family and championing the underdog (or undercat in this case), I’m your candidate. 💖 So, choose me, Crash! I’m 8 years young, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and fully vetted. 🐾 #CrashForYourCat 😺