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Cotton – Ready for Adoption!

Are you a fan of fluffy, playful dogs with exuberant personalities? Do you adore dogs that are a perfect blend of goofy and charming, complete with out-of-control happy tongues and a knack for high fives? Are you seeking a canine companion who can effortlessly switch between being a true gentleman and the life of the party? If you’re nodding your head, then you’ve landed at the ideal shelter, because we are here to introduce you to the one and only Cotton!

I’m Cotton, a dog that weighs about 45 pounds, and while there might be a dash of Labrador and a sprinkle of Doodle somewhere in my lineage, I can’t make any promises about my ancestry. I’m more of a Disney-style ragamuffin mutt—truly one-of-a-kind and always up for a spaghetti dinner date!

Let me tell you a little about myself: I’m an absolute sweetheart. I’m friendly and get along with everyone, including other dogs. Now, I have to admit, there’s one little quirk that can be a tad embarrassing. When I’m brimming with excitement, like when I meet a new furry friend or when a human comes to take me for a walk, I might express my enthusiasm in a way that isn’t exactly the height of human etiquette. Yep, I’ll just say it – I tend to get a bit “enthusiastic” with my greetings. But don’t judge a dog by their first impression! After the initial excitement, I quickly settle down, revealing my true colors: silly, clever, cuddly, energetic, and undeniably adorable.

So, why not pay me a visit? Give me the opportunity to show you the real Cotton. I promise I won’t disappoint. Come meet me, and let’s embark on this incredible journey together!