Cooper – Ready for Adoption!

Does looking for a dog sometimes make you feel like Goldilocks? I mean, not the breaking & entering part. I’m sure you have respect for other people’s (or bears’) homes and property. But… does it ever feel like everything you see is too big or too small, too old or too young, too wild or too lazy, or just… too much?  Well, my name is Cooper and I think you’ll find that I am juuuuuust right.  I’m about 20 lb- small enough that you could pick me up if you had to, but big enough that it’s not usually necessary. The perfect size for sharing a bed or couch.  At seven years old, I’m past the totally-bananas puppy stage, but still plenty youthful!  In my old home, I mostly lived outside, so I may need some guidance and time to learn some of the finer points of indoor living (like I can’t guarantee that I’m 100%, will-never-make-a-mistake, right-away-with-no-work-at-all, completely housebroken, but I could learn to be).
And when it comes to other pets, it seems I might do best on my own. With the other dog in my previous home, I didn’t appreciate it when she would try to touch my things and it caused some conflict. I won’t say it could never work- with the right animal companion and a dog-savvy human, anything’s possible! But it might take a bit of management.  With humans? I’m super-friendly! My tail gets all waggy and I just want to give kisses and show off my tricks. Being around people makes me a happy little guy and I can’t wait to find a home where I get to experience it all the time!  So if you want a sweet little guy with a lot of personality, check me out!