Clarice – Ready for Adoption

I know I look like a haunted doll, but I’m actually just a puppy! Yes, I’ve heard it all- I’m not a ghost dog. So what if I can sometimes predict the weather and open the occasional inter-dimensional rift in the garden? I only summoned those eldritch creatures from the abyss because I wanted someone to play with! I’m a NORMAL puppy!  My name is Clarice, I’m five months old, and… in all seriousness, I’m a really great dog. I’m sweet and smart and trainable and I LOVE to play ball. When you first meet me, I’ll wiggle and dance with exuberance! But if you give me a minute, I settle down quickly and you’ll find that I’m very engaged and personable, not too mouthy for a puppy, and just want to be your best friend.  I’m good with other dogs (I love to play!) and haven’t met cats yet, but my friends here say they could introduce me to the office cats before sending me home with any cat siblings just to see how I do.
I’ve got a lot to learn and some skills to perfect- leash manners, phrenology, communicating with the whispering shadows that live in the mirror, maybe even agility or something one day!  So whether you’re a hooded figure, a many-tentacled thing, or just a nice human being looking for a fantastic dog, I’m the girl for you!