Chewy – Ready for Adoption!

So, I’ve been invited to the first annual Whosagoodgirl awards! Turns out, I’ve been nominated for several “Whosies” Just imagine: that golden tennis ball with my name engraved on it. “Chewy.” I haven’t always been lucky in life, but… I bet this time will be different! Now, at age seven, things are really going to turn around for me. I can feel it.  Firstly, I’m nominated for “softest fur” and, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m kind of a shoo-in for that one. But also, I think I might just sweep the “gentleness” category. Gentlest treat-taker, gentlest kisser… all of ’em.  I’ve been working really hard on “best hugger” and I think I’ve got a good chance. When I meet someone, I lean into their arms with my whole body and head and just soak up the cuddles. And I’ve got a good shot at “best dancer,” too! You should see the way my whole body wiggles when I’m happy. It makes all the humans around me start smiling, which just makes me wiggle more.  What should I say in my speech? I’ve got to thank all my friends, of course. I’ve got lots of human friends and I had a dog friend in my previous home, so I bet I could make more dog friends. I would say “I’d like to thank my family,” but… here’s the thing. I don’t have one. Do you think if people see what a good girl I really am, someone will choose me? I hope so.