Change a Cat’s Life: Foster!

We have a beautiful shelter. A dedicated, loving staff. We do the absolute best we can.  But nothing can change the fact that a shelter is not a home. It can be stressful for a cat to live around so many strangers, noises, smells, and other cats. Even if they don’t mind other cats, living with dozens of them all the time is a lot!  For some cats, the best thing for them is to be in the shelter where they can meet the public and find a home! But cats who find the shelter extremely stressful often don’t behave in ways that are very attractive to adopters. They may shut down, lash out, or become withdrawn. It makes it harder and harder to find someone who will give them the chance they need.

That’s where fosters come in! Just a “vacation” in a home can make a world of difference for a stressed-out cat.  What do we need from you? At least a 30-day commitment. A safe place for a cat to decompress. A little patience. And… that’s pretty much it!  We provide the food and vet care. The cat always has a place in the shelter. And if you can’t bear to give them back? You’d be first in line to adopt.  We have cats, (older) kittens, and seniors who could use a place. Some who need no other pets and some who wouldn’t mind a few four-legged friends. Most will need some time or socialization.

If you’re interested in becoming a hero for a cat in need, please e-mail Amanda at