adoptable cats

Carol – Ready for Adoption!

Are you looking for the perfect personal assistant? My name is Carol and I think you’ll agree that I’ve got what it takes.  Need someone to handle all your calls and clients? I’m chatty and outgoing, always ready to charm friends and strangers alike! Between my gorgeous face, my chill personality, and my ability to make everyone a little happier, I’d be a true asset to your life.  I love helping with paperwork (although they tell me here that sitting on it isn’t actually very helpful. I guess they just don’t understand my culture.) and sitting nearby to supervise.
My strongest point, though, is moral support. If you’re feeling grumpy or stressed, just scoop me up and give me a cuddle. I’m an excellent lap cat, happy to be held, and I’m very affectionate. I’m a fantastic listener who will never judge you or repeat any of your secrets. Just hold me on your chest and let me purr and everything will be better.  I can even provide some security. Are you afraid of dogs getting into your house? No worries, my friend. That won’t happen on my watch. I have a zero-tolerance dog policy. Cats are okay, though, right? I don’t mind them, myself, as long as they’re respectful.  So if you want to make your life easier, happier, and more productive, come check me out!