Bookie – Ready for Adoption!

Hi there, can I interest you in some cuddle time? I’ve got a variety of moves: the “lean in” is a popular one. Or there’s the “sit on your lap and put my head on your shoulder.” Or if you’re a hugger, there’s the “nudge my way under your arm.”
My name is Bookie and I’m kind of an expert on love. I mean, I love everyone. Strangers, other dogs… I haven’t met kids, but with my gentle, outgoing disposition, I can’t imagine disliking anyone!
I’m about a year old, but that’s just a guess. I came to the shelter after I was abandoned, so there was nobody to ask about the details of my past. I know I walk nicely on a leash, that I get really excited when I see my human besties, and that I’m just the sweetest little good boy ever. I haven’t met cats yet, but my pals here say that can be arranged if I get a serious applicant who has feline friends.
I’m a bit of a long/short fella (although not to an extreme. Think Tom Cruise, not Danny DeVito) and I’m about 45 lb. Not too small, not too big! The perfect size for snugglin’.