Give STL Day Bones Adoptable Dog

The Story of Bones – Give STL Day

If you’ve spent any time in animal rescue, you know how bad it has to be for the police to intervene. And in Bones’ case… they had little choice. Bones was one of about a dozen animals in one home living a life of squalor, neglect, and abuse until they arrived at the shelter. He was found locked in a crate that was piled high with excrement, scared, missing hair, and severely underweight. Little did he know what lay ahead! It’s taken a little while, but Bones is finally ready to find a new home! He’s healthy, shiny, muscular, and SO sweet and cuddly.  There’s a lot that still remains to be seen about his future: will he get to live with kids? A single person? A retired couple? Will he get to go swimming? Hiking? Will he have a collection of toys? A huge soft dog bed? Or will he sleep in bed with his people? What we do know is that we’re going to make sure he never has to starve again. That he never has to fear for his life. That he’ll always be loved, be safe, and have enough to eat. You can help make that happen. Head over to – every little bit counts.
May be an image of dog, bone and text that says 'Bones 3/16/23 Bones 5/3/23 After a life of neglect and abuse, we ve made a promise OPEN DOOR to Bones that he'll never again have to know hurt, Animal Sanctuary give STL DaY.orG" hunger, or cruelty at the hands of humans. Thank you undation for making this possible! CELEBRAG10'