Blue Bunny – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Blue Bunny and I think I ought to try for a world record. But which should I do first?
World’s roundest li’l face? World’s cutest kitty? Softest fur to exist on any animal, ever? Best surprise headbutts? I mean, I’d be a shoo-in for any one of them!  It would be an inspiring story, too. A homeless orphan of a kitty gets her moment in the spotlight. A kitty living with a disability achieves greatness.
Oh, did I mention that? I guess I’m what you’d call “special needs.” I’ve got a wobbly back end (or “back legs move faster than my front legs). I’ve been checked out by several vets and they say it’s likely due to a spinal injury from when I was very young. It’s not really something that worries me or slows me down. I can walk and climb and jump (although I definitely don’t always land on my feet) and, while I do find a litterbox with a low entrance and high sides easier to navigate, I don’t have any incontinence problems. Is it wrong to say it just makes me extra cute?
So now that I’m the best in the world in pretty much everything that matters, I’m on the hunt for that one missing piece: a family to share it all with. I get along well with other cats and dogs (although prefer them both on the chill/respectful side). I enjoy being petted and REALLY love being held… when I feel like it, that is. Which is most of the time, but I do reserve the right to say “not right now, thanks.” All-in-all, I’d be a great addition to your home!