Betty Jean – Ready for Adoption!

My mama used to say to me, “Betty Jean,” she’d say, “Betty Jean, you’re gonna live a beautiful life.  And I believed her, of course. I was destined for great things. So when I found myself pregnant, alone, and out on the streets, I knew that wasn’t how things were meant to be.  Not for me. Not for mama’s beautiful girl. I always do right. I’m sweet as can be and love people. I do great with other cats. When you scratch my ears, I lay my head in your hand. I love belly rubs and catnip. I deserve better.  I’ve learned to keep an eye out for danger. Even now, I flinch from sudden movements and take my time making sure you’re safe before I really let you into my heart. And out on the streets, I had my precious little babies to look out for. But you’ve gotta trust someone eventually. Why, if it hadn’t been for the kindness of a stranger, I’d still be out there now.  They brought me here to the sanctuary and gave me a safe place to raise up my babies. And as we parted ways and they left for their new homes, I whispered in their ears, “you’re gonna have a beautiful life.”
I’ve known my share of struggles, but I’m only two years old. And maybe I haven’t gotten to be cherished from the start like my own little ones, but… it’s not too late. It’s still in the stars for me. And it starts the moment I meet you. I’m gonna have a beautiful life after all.